Best Agrolife Ltd Becomes First Indian Agrochemical Company to Indigenously Manufacture ‘Warden Extra’
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Best Agrolife Ltd Becomes First Indian Agrochemical Company to Indigenously Manufacture ‘Warden Extra’

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Best Agrolife Ltd Becomes First Indian Agrochemical Company to Indigenously Manufacture ‘Warden Extra’

Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL), a leading agrochemical manufacturer in India, has received the registration for the indigenous manufacturing of a groundbreaking agrochemical from the Central Insecticides Board & Registration Committee (CIBRC). This innovative agrochemical, comprising Trifloxystrobin, Thiamethoxam, and Thiophanate Methyl, holds significant promise in transforming Indian agriculture by mitigating harmful diseases and pests, thereby boosting crop production.

The registration has been granted under section 9(3) FIM to Seedlings India Pvt. Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of BAL. Scheduled for a nationwide launch in April 2024 under the brand name Warden Extra, this agrochemical is a potent fungicide and insecticide specifically designed to safeguard crops from Damping off disease, as well as combat Leafhopper, Aphid, and Whitefly insects. Its broad-spectrum effectiveness extends to addressing various fungal diseases, such as powdery mildew, rust, and leaf spot, along with targeting a variety of insects including aphids, thrips, and whiteflies.

Significantly, Warden Extra stands as BALs patented product, following the success of the companys earlier innovations, Ronfen and Tricolor, which have already made a significant impact on Indian agriculture due to their remarkable effectiveness. With the introduction of Warden Extra, BAL is expanding its product line, generating anticipation for the potential contributions this new agrochemical solution could make to the agricultural sector.

Notably, BAL had also recently secured a 20-year patent for its groundbreaking creation, the “SYNERGISTIC GRANULAR HERBICIDAL COMPOSITION FOR PADDY.” This innovative herbicide, set to debut in the upcoming Kharif season, will be introduced under the brand name ‘Orisulam’. Furthermore, BAL boasts a robust pipeline for more future patent molecules, indicating a promising trajectory for the companys continued advancements in agricultural solutions.

Commenting on this groundbreaking development, Best Agrolifestated, “We are excited about the approval from CIBRC, as it signifies a major stride towards enhancing agricultural productivity in India. Warden Extra is a testament to our commitment to providing effective and sustainable solutions for farmers. This formulation is poised to make a positive impact by not only eliminating crop-threatening diseases and pests but also by contributing to a resilient and thriving agricultural ecosystem. As we expand our product line BAL remains committed to developing cutting-edge solutions for the agricultural sector. Our robust pipeline of future patent molecules reflects our dedication to advancing agricultural practices and ensuring sustainable growth in the industry.”

In response to the escalating market demand for branded agrochemical products and formulations, BAL had also strategically acquired a 99% stake in Kashmir Chemicals, aiming to fortify its manufacturing capacity.

About Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL)

Best Agrolife Ltd (BAL) is a leading agrochemical manufacturer in India, committed to providing cutting-edge solutions for crop protection and enhancing agricultural sustainability. With a focus on innovation and quality, BAL strives to empower farmers and contribute to the growth of the agricultural sector in India. With a strong focus on research and development, BAL is dedicated to sustainable agriculture practices and environmental stewardship. Currently, BAL has 7,000 MTPA and 30,000 MTPA technicals and formulation manufacturing capacity, respectively, through three of its manufacturing plants in Gajraula, Greater Noida, and Jammu & Kashmir. BAL currently has more than 5200 distributors in India. It retains an impressive portfolio of 450+ formulations and more than 115+ technical manufacturing licenses.

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