Fortis Healthcare and Harley Owners Group Unite for ‘Ride for Cancer’ to Raise Cancer Awareness
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Fortis Healthcare and Harley Owners Group Unite for ‘Ride for Cancer’ to Raise Cancer Awareness

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Fortis Healthcare and Harley Owners Group Unite for ‘Ride for Cancer’ to Raise Cancer Awareness

Over 70 Harley Davidson Bikers Participate in the Bikers Rally to Mark World Cancer Day: 4th February

Flagged-off at Fortis Gurugram, Enroute Fortis Mohali and Fortis Ludhiana, to conclude at Amritsar

In an endeavor to create awareness about cancer, Fortis Healthcare flagged off the ‘Ride for Cancer‘ bike rally from Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram. The flag off ceremony was led by Mr. Anil Vinayak, Group COO, Fortis Healthcare amidst the presence of cancer survivors, Fortis Senior Clinicians and Senior Leadership. Over 70 enthusiastic Harley Davidson Riders, comprising of cancer survivors, participated in the ‘Ride for Cancer‘ rally, emphasising early detection, treatment options and the resilience needed to conquer the disease.

Fortis Healthcare and Harley Owners Group Unite for 'Ride for Cancer' to Raise Cancer Awareness
Over 70 Harley Davidson Bikers Participate in the Bikers Rally

Following the flag-off from Fortis Gurugram, the riders embarked on their journey to Fortis Mohali. Here, they were warmly received and acknowledged by senior oncologists, hospital staff, and Fortis management, underlining the hospitals commitment to cancer care. The ride continued from Fortis Mohali to Fortis Ludhiana, where the bikers conducted a tour of the hospital premises before heading to Amritsar, where the rally concluded. This remarkable journey covered a total distance of approximately 600 kilometers in just one day. The event brought together esteemed senior oncologists from the Fortis Group, who shared their insights and perspectives on the significance of cancer prevention and care.

Dr. Ankur Bahl, Senior Director, Medical Oncology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram expressed his admiration for the participants, “Its truly inspiring to witness the unwavering passion and enthusiasm of the bikers who are joining this awareness drive, riding all the way from Gurgaon to Amritsar. Their dedication to this cause sends a powerful message about the importance of early detection, effective treatment, and the relentless spirit required to combat cancer.”

Anil Vinayak, GCOO, Fortis Healthcare emphasized thesignificance of early detection and adopting a healthy lifestyle in the fight against cancer. “The bike rally aimed to raise awareness about the prevalence of cancer in India while stressing the importance of early detection and regular screening. The rally was designed to inspire and support cancer survivors and patients, highlighting their courage and determination.

It also fostered community engagement and support, representing more than just an event – it symbolised a movement towards a cancer-aware society. The Ride for Cancer embodies hope, strength, and collective determination to conquer cancer. Fortis Healthcares commitment, combined with the support of the Harley Davidson community, sends a powerful message in the battle against cancer. Together, they ride not only for awareness but for a future where cancer is no longer a feared adversary.”

Sidharth Ghosh, one of the cancer survivors and one of the Bike Riders popularly known as Flying Siddharth who was present at the event said, “I had been running all my life, on the cricket ground and football field in school, and as a marathon runner for over a decade. But then life threw a seemingly insurmountable challenge when I was detected with kidney cancer, I hit the pause button to turn around and fight. The cancer diagnosis initially came as a shock. I had just run the marathon, and even played a corporate cricket match the day before. I went in for some tests and noticed blood in my urine.

That was when the doctors discovered a growth in my right kidney that was bigger than a golf ball. In fact, the growth practically covered the whole kidney. The road to recovery did take time and it was three or four months before I could walk properly. After eight months after the surgery, I ran a half marathon. And exactly one year later, in January 2015, ran the full marathon and received the biggest compliment – Flying Sid, on the likes of Milkha Singh who was called Flying Sikh. On completion of 5 years of my cancer journey in 2019, I wrote a book “Cancer As I know it” which was launched in 13 countries.”

Sanjay Dawar, another Bike rider who also is a Cancer Survivor, an enthusiastic social worker, a fitness enthusiast, a passionate lawn tennis player and had all in place for him until a few years back he was diagnosed with cancer. Sharing his journey Sanjay said, “In 2017 I was diagnosed with Lymphoma cancer. Chemotherapy, radiations and painful side effects was all about my life then. More than all the physical pain, it was a mental battle everyday giving up on all his must do activities.

However, with zeal, mind, body and soul, I gave cancer a tough flight and I was cancer free in a matter of one year. Today, I am an accomplished social worker who contributing to the betterment of old age homes, orphanage, education of girl child, a popular healer and a strong supporter of cancer patients & cancer survivors who need medical guidance and emotional support!”

Its important to highlight that all the Fortis Hospitals covered in the bike rally have a Fortis Cancer Institute, featuring advance state-of-the-art cutting-edge cancer treatment technologies and supervised by a dedicated team of senior oncologists who provide comprehensive care, covering every aspect from prevention and screening to palliative care, and post-treatment support.

Cancer is one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality globally. India had 1.01 million new cancer cases and 0.68 million cancer deaths in the year 2012. The number of new cases is expected to rise by about 70% over the next 2 decades and it is the second leading cause of death globally.

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