Sukoon Health Becomes the First Mental Healthcare Provider to Offer Cashless Insurance for Inpatient Care
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Sukoon Health Becomes the First Mental Healthcare Provider to Offer Cashless Insurance for Inpatient Care

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Sukoon Health Becomes the First Mental Healthcare Provider to Offer Cashless Insurance for Inpatient Care

Sukoon Health, India’s leading chain of mental health hospitals, has announced its initiative to provide cashless insurance coverage for patients seeking psychiatric inpatient care. This strategic move aims to facilitate improved access to mental health treatment and reduce financial barriers for individuals seeking care.

Sukoons comprehensive mental health insurance offers coverage for a wide range of conditions, including Bipolar disorder, Acute Depression, Anxiety disorders, Schizophrenia, Mood disorder, Psychotic disorder, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders, and Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. By ensuring the inclusion of these diagnoses, Sukoon guarantees that policyholders can access the care they need without fear of claim denial. This step underscores Sukoons unwavering commitment to prioritizing mental health and galvanizing the landscape of mental healthcare in India.

Sukoon has established collaborative partnerships with private insurance providers, comprising HDFC ERGO, MAGMA HDI, ICICI LOMBARD, ADITYA BIRLA CAPITAL, and RELIANCE GENERAL INSURANCE. Sukoons collaboration with reputable insurers not only reinforces the institutions commitment to quality care but also signifies a milestone for India.

To avail cashless insurance benefits at Sukoon, individuals are required to undergo a minimum hospitalization period of 24 hours, acting as the necessary duration for initiating insurance claims within the mental health coverage. It is essential to underscore that in accordance with the Mental HealthCare Act’s guidelines advocating equal treatment for physical and mental diagnoses, coverage nuances may vary among different insurers.

However, certain treatments, such as those for alcohol dependence, substance dependence , self-harm, and talk therapy, are excluded from coverage and are ineligible for cashless insurance benefits. It is crucial to be aware that insurers are not liable to cover pre-existing mental diagnoses under the policy, emphasizing the need for careful consideration and understanding of coverage terms.

“At Sukoon, we are unwaveringly dedicated to providing the best possible care, evidenced by our collaborations with top insurance providers. Sukoons meticulous insurance policies, crafted for those navigating mental health challenges, underscore our commitment, setting a new milestone in our journey. This move not only strengthens Sukoons position as a credible Mental health Hospital but also plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of mental healthcare in India,” said Dr Nachiket Mor, Board Director Sukoon Health.

Sukoon Health Becomes The First Mental Healthcare Provider To Offer Cashless Insurance For Inpatient Care
Vidit Bahri, Co-founder & Chief Growth officer, Sukoon Health

“We are delighted to become the first mental health hospital chain in India to offer cashless insurance coverage. This is a step towards offering accessibility and affordability to every individual in need. This marks a new era for Mental Health in India and could not have been done without the unwavering support of Sukoon’s insurance partners.”said Vidit Bahri, Co-founder & Chief Growth Officer, Sukoon Health.

Through this steadfast commitment to holistic care, Sukoon empowers individuals to confidently access the support they require.

About Sukoon Health

Sukoon Health is reimagining how inpatient mental health services are delivered in India. Sukoon is carving out a new niche within the mental healthcare market in India, providing inpatient care for those seeking acute mental healthcare treatment. They follow a personalized care model with the individual at the center of its care ecosystem. Sukoons multidisciplinary team, composed of seasoned psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counselors, psychiatric social workers, art therapists, nurses, general physicians and pharmacists represents a comprehensive approach to mental health care. This multidisciplinary team ensures that every aspect of an individuals mental health is addressed with expertise and empathy.

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