Breaking News: Shots Fired Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Home
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Breaking News: Shots Fired Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Home

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Shots Fired Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Home

In a shocking incident, shots were fired outside Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s residence, Galaxy Apartments, in Bandra, Mumbai, early on Sunday morning. According to reports, two unidentified men on a motorcycle fired around four rounds in the air at approximately 5:00 AM and fled the scene.

Outside Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s Bandra, a suburb of Mumbai, two unidentified individuals on a bike opened fire three times on Sunday morning. Fortunately for the actor, nobody was gravely hurt or harmed. At approximately 4:51 a.m., the program was initiated after the attackers accomplished the first three goals. Soon after, four more people were harassed by the attackers, both inside and outside the Galaxy Flats.

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and Salman Khan, along with his family members who were present at the time, are safe. However, the incident has sent shockwaves through the Indian film industry and raised serious concerns about the actor’s safety.

Shots Fired Outside Salman Khan's Mumbai Home
Shots Fired Outside Salman Khan’s Mumbai Home (Image Source: Google)

Police Investigation Launched:

Mumbai Police have launched a massive investigation into the shooting. CCTV footage from the area is being scrutinized to identify the suspects. A manhunt is underway to apprehend the gunmen. An FIR (First Information Report) has been registered under Section 307 (attempt to murder) of the Indian Penal Code and the Arms Act.

Possible Motive:

While the exact motive behind the shooting remains unclear, it comes amidst a history of threats Salman Khan has faced from gangsters. Last year, he received a death threat from Canada-based gangster Goldy Brar, reportedly associated with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang. Anmol Bishnoi, the brother of jailed gangster Lawrence Bishnoi, has also claimed responsibility for the incident on social media, although police are verifying the authenticity of this claim.

Security Increased:

Security has been tightened around Salman Khan’s residence and across Mumbai following the incident. The investigation is ongoing, and further details are awaited. This incident has sparked outrage and concern in India, raising questions about the safety of celebrities and the increasing instances of gun violence.

Heightened Security and Industry Reacts to Salman Khan Shooting

Following the unnerving shooting incident outside Salman Khan’s residence, Mumbai Police have significantly bolstered security measures around the actor’s home. Round-the-clock police presence and additional CCTV cameras have been deployed to ensure Khan’s safety. Authorities have also reportedly increased security presence at other prominent film personalities’ residences.

The incident has sent ripples through the Indian film industry. Many celebrities have taken to social media to express their shock and outrage. Actor Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, “Unbelievable & horrific! Prayers for @BeingSalmanKhan & family… Strength & solidarity.” Actress Priyanka Chopra wrote, “Shocked and appalled to hear about the incident at Salman’s residence. Wishing him and his family safety.” Industry associations like the Film Federation of India (FFI) have condemned the attack and urged authorities to swiftly apprehend the culprits.

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Salman Khan’s Statement:

Salman Khan, who is known for his outspoken nature, has yet to officially comment on the incident. However, his father, veteran screenwriter Salim Khan, downplayed the seriousness of the incident, stating to a news channel, “They just want publicity, there is nothing to worry.” Whether Salman Khan will issue a public statement or take further security measures remains to be seen.

Investigation Continues:

The Mumbai Police investigation is in full swing. Forensics teams have meticulously examined the scene for any potential clues. Police are also reportedly questioning individuals associated with the Lawrence Bishnoi gang, considering Anmol Bishnoi’s social media post. The success of the investigation hinges on identifying and apprehending the gunmen, as well as uncovering the true motive behind this unsettling attack.

This incident has undeniably cast a shadow over Bollywood and raised concerns about the safety of celebrities in India. As the investigation unfolds, the nation awaits answers and hopes for a swift resolution to ensure the safety of not only Salman Khan but also the entire film fraternity.

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