SKF India Commemorates its 100th Anniversary Milestone with Unveiling of a Monumental Sculpture – ‘The Bearing Being’
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SKF India Commemorates its 100th Anniversary Milestone with Unveiling of a Monumental Sculpture – ‘The Bearing Being’

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SKF India Commemorates its 100th Anniversary Milestone with Unveiling of a Monumental Sculpture – ‘The Bearing Being’

SKF India, country’s leading bearings manufacturer announces the unveiling of the first permanent sculpture at its Pune factory commissioned to commemorate its 100th anniversary milestone in India. Titled as ‘The Bearing Being’, the sculpture is created by Subodh Kerkar a renowned artist, painter, sculptor and founder of the private art gallery Museum of Goa.

SKF India Commemorates its 100th Anniversary Milestone with Unveiling of a Monumental Sculpture - 'The Bearing Being'
‘The Bearing Being’ sculpture at SKF’s Pune Factory

The sculpture is a tribute to all employees who have been the foundation of SKF’s 100-year journey in India. Crafted from scrap metal and cast iron – including bearings and conveyor belts sourced from our factories, the sculpture starts at a width of 10 feet at the base, rises to a height 18 feet and tapers to a diameter of 6 feet. Cement reinforced concrete panels compose the base of the sculpture.

Manish Bhatnagar, Managing Director at SKF India, said,“We are thrilled to have worked closely with Subodh Kerkar to bring this monumental installation to life and sincerely thank him for this amazing work. The sculpture stands as a contemplative reflection of our 100-year legacy in India, with each piece carrying memories of our manufacturing processes, human ingenuity, and unwavering commitment to quality. Being purpose-led, the sculpture exemplifies SKF’s commitment to creating a sustainable impact on the industry and the world. We hope the sculpture creates a sense of wonderment, spark conversations and at the same time elevates the Pune campus experience for everyone, whether employees or visitors.”

Subodh Kerkar, Artist, said, “I am pleased to create this thoughtful work of art for SKF. One of the most important aspects of my work is how different segments interact. Using metals and scrap material, I wanted the sculpture to evoke the connection between humans and machines, tell the tales of triumphs over challenges, and celebrate the collective efforts of countless employees who had the courage to dream, to build, and to make their imprint. With this sculpture, you can move around and have a different visual experience from every point of view.It is a wonderful opportunity for the employees and visitors to engage with works of art.”

From L to R: Manish Bhatnagar, MD – SKF India, Annika Olme, CTO and Senior Vice President, Technology Development at SKF group and the artist Subodh Kerkar at the unveiling of the monumental sculpture – ‘The Bearing Being’ at SKF’s Pune factory

SKF is committed to developing intelligent and clean solutions that contribute to a better tomorrow for both people and the planet. We remain focused on transitioning towards a circular economy where economic growth and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. This also aligns with our approach of always being able to adapt to an ever-changing industrial environment to offer customers sustainable, future-proof solutions that benefit industry, the environment, and our planet.

About the Artist

A doctor turned artist, Subodh Kerkar uses his diverse mediums to tackle social, political, and religious issues. Hailing from the picturesque village of Keri, Kerkar’s artistic journey began 30 years ago when he traded his stethoscope for a paintbrush. His art practice is a vibrant tapestry, encompassing paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations, videos, performances, and land art. Kerkar excels in conceptual and land art, creating ephemeral installations using the oceans bounty – mussel shells, pebbles, palm leaves, boats, and even fishermen. His works have graced galleries, museums, and biennales worldwide, earning him international acclaim. He founded the Museum of Goa, a beacon of contemporary art, and even holds the prestigious Mario Miranda Chair at Goa University. Beyond public exhibitions, Kerkars pieces enrich personal collections across continents.

About SKF

SKF is a world-leading provider of innovative solutions that help industries become more competitive and sustainable. By making products lighter, more efficient, longer lasting, and repairable, we help our customers improve their rotating equipment performance and reduce their environmental impact. Our offering around the rotating shaft includes bearings, seals, lubrication management, condition monitoring, and services. Founded in 1907, SKF is represented in approximately 129 countries and has around 17,000 distributor locations worldwide. Annual sales in 2022 were SEK 96,933 million and the number of employees was 42,641.

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