CrisprBits’ OmiCrisp Tracks Omicron-derived JN.1 Variant in Sewage Samples in Bengaluru
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CrisprBits’ OmiCrisp Tracks Omicron-derived JN.1 Variant in Sewage Samples in Bengaluru

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CrisprBits’ OmiCrisp Tracks Omicron-derived JN.1 Variant in Sewage Samples in Bengaluru

The test is currently being used to monitor sewage samples in 14 localities in Bengaluru

OmiCrisp is a testing platform for rapid diagnosis and surveillance of SARS-CoV2

Bengaluru-based startup CrisprBits Private Limited, has developed OmiCrisp, a CRISPR based testing platform for rapid diagnosis and surveillance of SARS-CoV2. The CRISPR based test not only detects the virus, but also distinguishes variants of Omicron lineage from other previously known variants of concern.

CrisprBits' OmiCrisp Tracks Omicron-derived JN.1 Variant in Sewage Samples in Bengaluru
Team CrisprBits

The test is currently in use by Molecular Solutions Care Health LLP, for weekly monitoring of the Omicron-derived JN.1 variant in sewage samples from 14 localities in Bengaluru, funded by Blockchain for Impact.

The CRISPR technology can specifically discriminate the actual base changes as the virus mutates, instead of relying on the absence of signal due to sequence changes. In a comprehensive study recently accepted for publication in the Journal of Biotechnology and Biomedicine, OmiCrisp was validated in 80 clinical samples and over 160 wastewater samples. The clinical samples were cross-validated against the highly accurate next-generation sequencing platform, while wastewater results were compared using approved qRTPCR tests. Notably, the CRISPR-based test demonstrated tolerance to poor-quality samples derived from sewage, highlighting its utility in discerning even single base changes in matrices of inferior stability. The study reveals a remarkable 99% accuracy in detecting the Omicron lineage of the virus in both clinical and wastewater samples.

The grant for wastewater surveillance validation was supported by Blockchain for Impact (formerly CryptoRelief, a community run fund delivering relief during the recent SARS-CoV2 pandemic) and their partner GiveIndia.

OmiCrisp validation is one of the first studies to employ CRISPR-based testing in environmental samples,” said Prof. Vijay Chandru, an author on the study, Chief Scientific Officer and Co-founder, CrisprBits.

OmiCrisp was developed in collaboration with the C-CAMP-InDx (Indigenisation of Diagnostics program anchored at C-CAMP). The validation of the platform on clinical samples was performed with the support from DBT-inStem biorepository and the COVID testing laboratory at Strand Life Sciences.

Commenting on the utility of the platform, Dr. Taslimarif Saiyed, Director CEO of C-CAMP said, “CrisprBits has brought home the cutting-edge CRISPR-Cas gene editing tool to an yet underexplored area of infectious disease management, that is environmental surveillance. Their latest platform OmiCrisp, a Crispr based one-stop diagnostic and screening tool for Omicron variant and its lineages has shown a remarkable accuracy of up to 99% in both clinical and sewage samples. This has enormous implications for Indias pandemic preparedness for COVID and other infectious disease outbreaks. I congratulate CrisprBIts and reflect on how this work is the best validation of C-CAMPs effort to foster cutting-edge research-based innovation for societal impact.

Founded in 2020 by five distinguished alumni of BITS-Pilani, CrisprBits, incubated in C-CAMP, aims to bring innovative solutions using the CRISPR technology. Headed by Mr. Sunil Arora (CEO and co-founder), the company has been supported by multiple grants and private funding.

Our CRISPR-based platform enables point-of-need testing, offering rapid and accurate molecular diagnostics for critical areas, including the speedy detection of AMR (Anti Microbial resistance) pathogens in ICU, as well as food and waterborne infections during disease outbreaks,” expressed Dr. Vaijayanti Gupta, COO, CrisprBits, the corresponding author in the publication.

CrisprBits is currently focused on launching its point-of-need instrument light platform, PathCrisp, in 2024, for clinical and environmental surveillance.

About CrisprBits

CrisprBits is one of the first Indian companies using CRISPR, a breakthrough gene-editing technology, to develop high-quality solutions in the life sciences that all Indians can afford. The company was founded by a team of entrepreneurs and scientists with vast experience in both the industry and academic sectors. They have a proven track record in developing diagnostics, precision medicine, and clinical-research solutions used by clinicians, pharmaceutical companies, and biotechnology firms globally, including in India. CrisprBits operates under three key principles: using deep science to deliver high quality products; adhering to the highest ethical standards, including in the choice of products they offer; and developing an organization that draws exceptional individuals with diverse backgrounds and affinities.

With offices in Delhi and Bengaluru, their laboratory is located in C-CAMP, a premier incubator for biotechnology innovation in Bengaluru.


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