Empowering Minds, Building Futures: Nippon Paint India’s Transformational Partnership with Pragati Wheel School
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Empowering Minds, Building Futures: Nippon Paint India’s Transformational Partnership with Pragati Wheel School

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Empowering Minds, Building Futures: Nippon Paint India’s Transformational Partnership with Pragati Wheel School

Nippon Paint India, a leading automotive coatings company, is committed to driving positive and sustainable change in the communities it operates in. This commitment manifests through its holistic CSR approach, focusing on Education, Engagement, and Empowerment. Today, Nippon Paint India proudly announces its partnership with Pragati Wheel School in New Delhi, aiming to empower students from the junior wing and illuminate their path towards a brighter future.

Empowering Minds, Building Futures: Nippon Paint India's Transformational Partnership with Pragati Wheel School
Sharad Malhotra, Director and President (Automotive Refinishes), Nippon Paint India in conversation with Senior Wing students of Pragati Wheel School

This initiative transcends a mere sponsorship programme. It embodies Nippon Paint Indias pillar of “Building and Enabling Local Communities,” where the company actively collaborates with partners to address the needs of diverse groups, including students. By providing access to quality education for the next three years, Nippon Paint India equips these young minds with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive.

Nippon Paint India recognises education as a powerful tool for social transformation. Investing in the education of students facing financial challenges, is not just about providing academic support; its about unlocking their potential and creating a ripple effect of positive change within their families and communities. This initiative aligns with the companys vision of fostering “inclusive growth and equitable opportunities“.

This partnership builds upon Nippon Paint Indias social endeavours of impactful CSR initiatives. The companys ‘Rangon Ke Badshah’ campaign, for instance, empowered over 10,000 garage painters across India through skill development, social recognition, and educational grants. Such efforts demonstrate Nippon Paints deep-rooted commitment to giving back to society and creating a lasting impact.

According to Sharad Malhotra, Director, and President (Automotive Refinishes), Nippon Paint India, “We are delighted to extend our support to the students from diverse socio-economic backgrounds of Pragati Wheel School. Education is a powerful tool for social transformation, and by investing in these students futures, we hope to make a meaningful difference in their lives. This association reflects our ongoing commitment to corporate social responsibility and aligns with our vision of fostering positive change and creating a meaningful impact in society.”

Founded in 2007, Pragati Wheel School began with a mission to combat child labour and provide quality education to children facing challenges in urban settings. Recognising the economic constraints that often keep children out of school, Pragati Wheel School offers free education, nutritious meals, and essential school supplies to its students. The schools convenient location near their homes further removes barriers to access.

According to Mr. Raman Khanna, Administrator at Pragati Wheel School, “We started Pragati Wheel School with a dream: to empower children, not just through education, but by opening doors to a brighter future. Thanks to partnerships like this with Nippon Paint, we can offer our students not only academic skills but also exposure to professional opportunities and the chance to break the cycle of poverty. This association will impact not just the children but the entire community, promoting awareness, sensitisation, and the understanding of rights and duties as model citizens.”

Nippon Paint Indias commitment goes beyond one-time initiatives. The company fosters long-term partnerships and collaborative learning platforms, ensuring the sustained progress of its beneficiaries. By supporting Pragati Wheel School, Nippon Paint India is contributing to a brighter future, not just for the students, but for their families and the wider community.

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