Niswarth Kadam to Launch Mobile Skill Development Center
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Niswarth Kadam to Launch Mobile Skill Development Center

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Niswarth Kadam, led by its visionary founder Pramod Raghav, is proud to announce the upcoming launch of its first mobile skill development center. Initially, the pilot project will start from Gurgaon, and then it will expand across India. This innovative initiative is designed to bring vital skills training directly to communities across the country, empowering individuals with practical knowledge and capabilities that can significantly improve their livelihoods.

Pramod Raghav Founder Niswarth Kadam

The mobile skill development center will travel from one location to another, ensuring that people in both urban and rural areas have access to a wide range of short-term courses tailored to meet the needs of todays dynamic job market. The center will offer courses in basic computer skills (MS Office, Internet browsing), sewing and tailoring, basic cooking and nutrition, gardening and urban farming, beauty and grooming techniques, art and painting techniques, Mehendi, Basic first aid and patient care .

Pramod Raghav, commenting on this landmark project, said, “Our goal with the mobile skill development center is to democratize education and skill training. By bringing these opportunities directly to peoples doorsteps, we can help bridge the skills gap and empower individuals to take control of their futures.”

The mobile center is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and is staffed by experienced trainers who are dedicated to providing high-quality education and hands-on training. This approach ensures that learners can immediately apply what they have learned in real-world scenarios, enhancing their employability and entrepreneurial prospects.

Niswarth Kadam has always been at the forefront of social impact initiatives, and this mobile skill development center is yet another testament to their commitment to fostering inclusive growth and development across India.

About Niswarth Kadam
Niswarth Kadam is a pioneering social enterprise founded by Pramod Raghav, dedicated to creating sustainable and inclusive growth through various developmental initiatives. The organization focuses on skill development, education, and empowerment programs that aim to improve the quality of life for individuals and communities across India.

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