Political War Review: A Riveting Cinematic Exploration by Mukesh Modi
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Political War Review: A Riveting Cinematic Exploration by Mukesh Modi

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Political War Review: A Riveting Cinematic Exploration by Mukesh Modi

The Hindi film “Political War”, spearheaded by filmmaker Mukesh Modi, made its overseas debut on February 23rd. Due to a delay in obtaining censor certification, the film couldnt be released in Indian cinemas. However, upon viewing the film, it becomes evident that theres nothing in it that warrants a ban in India; rather, the film delivers a positive message to society.

Political War Review: A Riveting Cinematic Exploration by Mukesh Modi
The Hindi film “Political War” Poster

The performances of all the actors have made “Political War” a compelling watch. While some characters bear a resemblance to certain politicians, the actors have delivered impactful performances. Seema Biswas portrays a leader from West Bengal, while Prashant Narayanan convincingly plays the role of a Hindu leader.

The films dialogues leave a profound impact, and its background music enhances the viewing experience. The direction is commendable, with realistic scenes and situations portrayed effectively.

Indeed, this film serves as a source of inspiration for the youth. Its content is exceptional, shedding light on the attempts of corrupt politicians to destabilize India with the help of external forces.

The dialogues will resonate with every viewer. The film highlights how communal hatred is being propagated, and how Hindus and Muslims are being pitted against each other for votes.

The film reflects the current situation of the country. One dialogue delivered by a politician stands out: “We keep God in our hearts, yet we drag Him and religion into politics.” Poverty remains the countrys biggest problem. Despite efforts since 1947, poverty persists, posing a significant challenge.

The story takes a turn when an officer says, “Sir, theres a looming threat of communal violence across the country.”

“Political War” concludes with a powerful message, urging viewers to watch the film for themselves.

All the songs in the film are situational, whether its the devotional song “Jai Shri Ram”, the thought-provoking “Roshni”, or the item number “Ekta Banaye Rakhein”. The end credits feature the impactful song “Chal Vote Daal”, which emphasizes the importance of voting and choosing the right leaders.

Captured brilliantly by cinematographers Chandan Singh and Ketak Dheeman, with editing by Manish Sinha, “Political War” under the banner of Indie Films Inc., directed by Viivek Srivastava and Mukesh Modi, delivers an outstanding directorial effort.

The films ending with “Latest Meet 2029” hints at a sequel, suggesting a part 2 in the making.

Film: Political War
Cast: Seema Biswas, Rituparna Sengupta, Milind Gunaji, Prashant Narayanan, Abhay Bhargava, Shishir Sharma, Aman Verma, Jitendra Mukhi, Prithvi Zutshi, Dev Sharma, Arun Bakshi
Producer: Mukesh Modi
Directors: Viivek Srivastava and Mukesh Modi
Rating: 3.5 Stars

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