The Claridges, New Delhi Introduces its Exquisite Food Concierge Service
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The Claridges, New Delhi Introduces its Exquisite Food Concierge Service

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The Claridges, New Delhi, a symbol of timeless luxury and exceptional hospitality, renowned for its exquisite dining, luxurious stays, and extraordinary service, is delighted to unveil its latest offering – the Food Concierge Service. As the first hotel to offer this service in Delhi/NCR, The Claridges has crafted it to cater to culinary desires with finesse and expertise. The dedicated team is confident in elevating dining experiences to unprecedented levels of excellence.

The Food Concierge team at The Claridges

Imagine youre in Delhi, a city bursting with vibrant flavours and hidden culinary gems. But where do you begin The Food Concierge Service at The Claridges steps in as your trusted guide. With a dedicated Food and Beverage Concierge by your side, navigating the citys diverse culinary landscape becomes effortless.

At the heart of the service lies a commitment to personalized assistance. Whether seeking the perfect spot for a romantic dinner, a hidden gem for authentic cuisine, or an exclusive wine-tasting experience, the experts are here to curate tailored recommendations that cater to preferences and occasions. The concierge will assist with reservations, organize bespoke dining experiences, and address any special requests, ensuring that every interaction exceeds expectations and leaves guests with unforgettable memories.

Operating with efficiency and precision, the concierge team swiftly resolves any issues that may arise during culinary journeys. A belief in proactive follow-up sees feedback gathered after dining experiences to continuously enhance offerings and better serve guests needs.

Collaboration is at the core of the approach. The concierge works hand-in-hand with the hospitality team to deliver a seamless and cohesive guest experience, ensuring that every visit to The Claridges New Delhi is nothing short of extraordinary.

As the Food Concierge Service is introduced, guests are invited to explore an array of enticing promotions at food and beverage outlets. Additionally, for those seeking exclusive privileges and benefits, an F&B membership awaits.

About The Claridges, New Delhi

The Claridges in New Delhi stands as a timeless emblem of luxury and refinement, tracing its origins back to 1955 when it emerged as Indias inaugural five-star hotel in the post Independence era. Nestled in the prestigious enclave of Lutyens Delhi, the establishment harmonises historic allure with contemporary opulence.

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