World Hypertension Day Campaign at Medanta Hospital
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World Hypertension Day Campaign at Medanta Hospital

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Hypertension kills more adults than any other cause. India alone is home to an estimated 220 million adults with hypertension.

Medanta, one of India’s largest multi-specialty tertiary care providers, took the lead in raising mass awareness about this silent killer during the World Hypertension Day, at its hospital campus in Gurgaon and Lucknow from 27-29 May and 15-16 June 2024 respectively where thousands of healthcare-seekers walk in daily.

Holographic 3D Display of Throbbing Heart

The approach for the awareness campaign was engaging and interactive. An attractive educational setup was installed in the central area of the hospital for maximum reach and footfall. The centrepiece of the set-up was a holographic 3D display of a working heart through a Holograph Fan. This immersive visual captivated the audience and provided a realistic depiction of heart function.

The centrepiece was surrounded by four interactive touch screens, each covering a different aspect of hypertension and heart health related information. While the first three screens educated the visitors about Risks, Cause and Effects of High Blood Pressure; the fourth screen was an interactive touch screen for heart screening. The visitors undertook a screening test by answering few lifestyle related questions. On the basis of an individual’s answers the screen evaluated and showed their possible current heart condition.

Red: Indicates a healthy heart.

Maroon: Signals potential issues that need attention

Black: Suggests serious concerns that require immediate medical consultation

World Hypertension Day Set-up at Medanta Hospital

The campaign by Medanta on World Hypertension Day was an initiative to educate the masses on the importance of regular monitoring of blood pressure. A seamless visitor journey was brought alive with an engaging technology. The holofan heart installation was a striking visual aid to engage visitors, while the interactive screens provided valuable information and a practical heart screening tool.

Speaking on this initiative, Mr Jitendra Gopalan, AVP, Marketing & Growth, Medanta said, “Hypertension or high blood pressure is a very common problem in the country. At Medanta, we have combined Tech and Innovation together – on a common platform – to explain the risks, causes and symptoms of Hypertension to our audience in a simplified manner.”

According to Mr Saibal Gupta, Managing Partner & CEO, Xperia Group, “On an occasion like the World Hypertension Day, our challenge was to design an experience which has organic traction. Since the activity was stationed within the hospital premise, it called for innovative way of message dissemination, without creating noise. Thus we designed a customised app integrating it with interactive screens to bring out the messaging, and simultaneously blended technology to tell our story through an immersive experience.”

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