Hardik Pandya’s Brother Behind Bars: Vaibhav Pandya Arrested in Mumbai Police Operation Against Alleged Cheating
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Hardik Pandya’s Brother Behind Bars: Vaibhav Pandya Arrested in Mumbai Police Operation Against Alleged Cheating

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Hardik Pandya’s Brother Behind Bars: Vaibhav Pandya Arrested in Mumbai Police Operation Against Alleged Cheating

Vaibhav Pandya, brother of renowned Indian cricketer Hardik Pandya, has recently found himself entangled in legal troubles.

The Mumbai Police’s Economic Offenses Wing (EOW) put him under arrest on suspicion of criminal intimidation, criminal forgery, and criminal breach of trust. The accusations originate from his participation in a polymer enterprise founded in 2021 together his siblings, Hardik and Krunal.


The Pandya family, known for its sporting achievements through Hardik Pandya in cricket, is now under the spotlight for different reasons. Vaibhav Pandya’s recent arrest has brought attention to the family once again, this time for legal issues rather than sporting prowess.

Vaibhav Pandya
Hardik Pandya’s Brother Behind Bars: Vaibhav Pandya Arrested in Mumbai Police Operation Against Alleged Cheating (Image Source: Google)

Who is Vaibhav Pandya?

Vaibhav Pandya is the elder brother of Hardik Pandya and has been known for his entrepreneurial ventures in Mumbai. Despite maintaining a relatively low profile compared to his cricketing brother, Vaibhav has been involved in various business endeavors in the city.

The Allegations

Financial Irregularities

Vaibhav Pandya, aged 37, is facing serious charges related to criminal intimidation, forgery, and criminal breach of trust following an incident surrounding a polymer business established in 2021. Central to the case is a profit-sharing agreement, where Hardik and Krunal Pandya were expected to invest 40% of the capital each, while Vaibhav was to contribute 20%.

However, it has come to light that Vaibhav allegedly violated this agreement by secretly establishing another firm in the same trade without informing his brothers. This clandestine move purportedly led to a decline in profits for the original partnership, resulting in a loss of Rs.3 crore. As a consequence, the EOW wing of the Mumbai Police has taken legal action against Vaibhav, charging him with cheating and forgery.

Connection with Hardik Pandya

As the elder brother of Hardik Pandya, Vaibhav’s legal issues have inevitably drawn attention to the cricketer. Although Hardik has distanced himself from his brother’s business affairs, the familial connection has thrust him into the public eye amidst the controversy.

Legal Proceedings

Vaibhav Pandya’s arrest comes after thorough investigations by the Mumbai Police into the alleged cheating scandal and financial irregularities. Legal proceedings are underway, with authorities scrutinizing the evidence against him and his associates.

Impact on Hardik Pandya

The legal troubles faced by Vaibhav Pandya have undoubtedly cast a shadow over Hardik’s career and personal life. While Hardik strives to maintain focus on his cricketing commitments, the family’s reputation has taken a hit due to these developments.

Public Reaction

The news of Vaibhav Pandya’s arrest has sparked varied reactions among the public. Some express shock and disappointment, while others speculate on the extent of his involvement and its implications for the Pandya family.

Mumbai Police Operation Details

The Mumbai Police operation leading to Vaibhav Pandya’s arrest has been a result of diligent investigative work. Authorities have cracked down on alleged cheating networks, aiming to uphold law and order in the city.

Vaibhav Pandya’s Response

Amidst the legal proceedings, Vaibhav Pandya is expected to provide his side of the story. His response to the allegations and subsequent legal actions will likely shape the course of the case and its outcomes.

Previous Controversies

This is not the first time Vaibhav Pandya has found himself embroiled in controversy. Previous incidents and allegations have also garnered media attention, indicating a pattern of legal entanglements.

Lessons Learned

The unfolding events surrounding Vaibhav Pandya’s arrest serve as a reminder of the importance of ethical conduct and transparency in business dealings. The case highlights the potential consequences of engaging in fraudulent activities and the need for accountability.


Vaibhav Pandya’s arrest in the Mumbai Police operation against alleged cheating has sent shockwaves through the public and has repercussions for the Pandya family. As legal proceedings progress, the full extent of his involvement and its impact will become clearer.

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